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Situated in Gabane in the Kweneng District

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Each guest will be approached with total dedication of excellence. Our 8 impeccable rooms, are ready to embrace the individual who is looking for solitude, or the more adventurous person. Our dedication is to go the extra mile” to exceed customer expectations and help all our clients achieve a successful event.


Our advertising will be done through flyers, Websites, advertisers and various media outlets. 


We understand that the employees are the Guest house front-line ambassadors. And will be treated with the same high level of consideration that we treat customers with because in a sense, employees are as valuable as the guests.  We will be providing comprehensive, ongoing training to assure their job and guest-related skills remain at the highest levels. Employees will be evaluated regularly for their performance and rewarded for their outstanding service with incentives to keep our guest-relations program at the top of the industry. 


We will satisfy our guests by paying attention to the finest details in everything we do. That's how well develop exceptional levels of repeat business. We know what is important to both business and pleasure travellers, and we deliver it. From the amenities and warm, homey interiors, we will go the extra mile to make a stay at our guest house a memorable experience. 

At The Old Cottage, we accept nothing less than "Complete Customer Satisfaction... First Time, Every Time!"


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The culture of Gabane

Gabane is a village in Kweneng District of Botswana. It is located 15 km (10 mi) west of Gaborone, the capital of Botswana. The population was 10,399 in 2001 census, making it the fourth largest settlement in Kweneng. Its population was 14,842 at the 2011 census. It's now part of Gaborone agglomeration home to 421,907 inhabitants at the 2011 census.

This village is originally home to BaMalete tribe. Kgosi Mosadi Seboko is the paramount chief and is stationed at Ramotswa, the capital of Balete. The elder population is still very much into agriculture while the younger generations are more urbanized.

Gabane is well known for her lively music scene and night life as well as contemporary fashion trends. The village has produced several live bands like Matsieng and Franco and Afro Musica. The Gabaneans are passionate football followers. Their most successful team, Uniao Flamengo Santos, plays in the National Premier League. There a few teams playing at regional football level, under Kweneng Region, they are Gabane United; Moritshane Lions and Blackburn Callies, whilst Jet Fighters play in Gaborone Region.


Manyana is one of the few rock art sites that make us think beyond Tsodilo Hills in terms of rock art. It is one of the most accessible sites in Botswana, less than an hour's drive from Gaborone. The significant thing about Manyana is that rock paintings are very rare in the southeast of Botswana. There are several paintings scattered around the cliffs in the village. They are believed to have been created as part of religious activities. It seems that this was a sacred site which people regularly visited for certain rituals. Manyana is also one of the few rock art sites with black paintings. These have potential for carbon 14 dating.

Driving Directions:

Manyana rock painting shelter is situated on the outskirts of Manyana village. Approach the road to Manyana village from either Boatle or Mankgodi. 7.5km from Thamaga road.Follow the signpost and take a turn to the southwest, leading to the village 6.6 km away. Turn abruptly right, cross the Kolobeng River. On reaching a T-junction, turn left to the kgotla and you will see a sma